New Publication from OSHA and Recent Links to Letters of Interpretation



The Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management (DTSEM) is pleased to announce the publication of a new resource, OSHA 3160 “Best Practices for Non-Health Care Employers with On-site Health Care Services.”  This brochure replaces the 1999 publication OSHA 3160 “The Occupational Health Professional’s Services and Qualifications: Questions and Answers.”  “Medical management” in the workplace consists of identifying work-related injuries and illnesses, ensuring appropriate delivery, and tracking first aid and medical care of workers. OSHA has identified many instances of inappropriate medical management in the workplace in both small and large employers across many different industries. This document explains some of the issues and challenges and provides up-to-date information and useful case studies that can help employers create and operate an appropriate medical management program for their workplace. Information in this document is also useful for health care providers who work, or plan to work, at an employer-run onsite workplace clinic, as well as those who serve in a contractual or consulting capacity to oversee or supervise health care professionals (HCPs) at onsite workplace clinics.


Additionally, this brochure is a companion document referenced in the recently published May 2, 2024 enforcement memorandum, “Enforcement Guidance Under OSHA’s Recordkeeping Regulation When First Aid, Active Release Techniques (ART), and Exercise/Stretching Are Used to Treat Musculoskeletal Injuries and Illnesses” found on:



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